Friday, May 20, 2011


Finally a keynote address to get inspired by -- General Rick Hillier, what a leader! It wasn't so much his message about leadership that moved me, it was the enthusiasm for his military career and the people that touched his life that really inspired me. Here is a man that actually reminds me a lot of my own old man by the way he tells a story, curses and makes people belly laugh. And in spite of his fame and power, he comes across as an ordinary Canadian -- sincere and down to earth. Here's some of the advice I heard: People come first -- not processes, projects or technology. Keep your people close to you -- INFORM them of your plans and recognize their talent. Keep yourself in check -- never let success go to your head. Be true to yourself -- falsity is easily detected. Use humour!

I can't remember all of the other gems, but I do remember feeling quite impressed by not only the General's career, but by his confidence and joie de vivre. Pure awesome.

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