Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

It's been a day from heaven. Wow. Where do I start? A dozen long stem roses. Gak, when I saw the long box, I nearly choked because even though I love flowers, I cannot fully appreciate their beauty when they cost as much as a pair of shoes. Thankfully my partner bought them through the Kiwanis Club so they were cheap, charitable and beautiful. WIN! Breakfast in bed was delectable -- yummy eggs, fruit salad, buttery raspberry scone and hot coffee, delivered by three of the proudest and cutest little munchkins ever. And then a showering of homemade cards, poems, crafts while still cuddled up in bed with all three cherubs. I wish every morning could be so great. The rest of the day was spent outside at the Tulip Festival and back home lounging around, picking at chores every now and then. It's been one of the best Mother's Days ever.

Things are going to tough tomorrow as I settle back into my old job. Today will be my happy place. I don't want anything to ruin my mood. I am so lucky to be the mother for three unique and wonderful children and to have a partner so involved and considerate. Sigh, I wish today would never end.

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