Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pillow Talk

Crazy blogging night tonight. Just thinking about a conversation I had with a colleague. He was telling me about his first love and how incredible their relationship was - being inseparably close, comfortable in every way, staring at each other in bed for hours ..... ahhhhhhhhh. I think I was starting to drool at that point. And then my colleague reminded me that that was life in our twenties. Everyone has one of those intense love affairs that they will never forget. But sadly it does not last. You never marry the person you are that crazy about and perhaps that's a good thing. I'm learning that the fantasy is way better than the reality. My colleague doesn't have to think hard to remember how incredibly in love he once felt. The tingle, expectation, desire ... these live in my memories and my fantasies. They are not tainted by reality either. Staring at each other for hours ......

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